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  • Videoconferencing System
  • Audio System

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Why Choose Century AV?

Audio Visual Equipments

We take complex challenges, create, design, and implement collaborative solutions and are continually redefining simplicity.

Our valued and diverse client base ranges from every day small businesses to global organizations. No matter what your size, we promise to work with you catered towards your company’s individual needs, and provide you with unparalleled support and service.  Clients have been calling 905-275-6010 for over 30 years to seek solutions to a comprehensive list of Audio Visual applications being deployed.

Century AV Respects the Environment

Environment Friendly AV Products

Whether it be at a client location or working everyday in our office. We make it our priority to  recycle all electronic waste properly, and efficiently as a member of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship. Our commitment does not stop there. Through the use of technology, we encourage electronic E-mail communications and the efficient use of company digital imaging systems. While at customer locations, we reuse and redeploy product packaging materials of all sorts for internal use, which includes shipment of new products. All other material is recycled in a professional and clean manner.


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