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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #27

Century AV - Monday, August 01, 2011

Keep yourself updated; Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual

Audio Visual Industry "News of Interest" #27 August 2011



Digital Signage – Signs That Move


Digital Signage displays information, advertising and other messages via display technologies such as LCD or plasma for smaller sizes and projectors or LED panels for very large images.  Digital signage, aka screen media, etc., is typically created using one or more display screens, one or more media players, and a content management server.  The benefits of digital signage are that animations can be shown and content can be exchanged or adapted to suit your product and audience.  Application locations include office foyers, cafeterias, production lines and menu boards.  LED’s produce huge image sizes in arenas / stadiums and on highway billboards.


PowerPoint Presentation vs. SlideRocket Online Presentation


Do you create and manage your presentations using PowerPoint?  It is saved by default to your laptops memory.  SlideRocket offers you the ability to store your presentation in the “cloud” and can be accessed anywhere using Windows, Mac OS and Redhat Linux.  You can also transfer your presentation to SlideRocket’s offline player and present without an internet connection.  Do you have trouble with size restrictions when sending PowerPoint presentations via e-mail?  With SlideRocket simply set your publishing settings, then copy and paste the presentation URL into an e-mail.  It is equally simple to insert your presentation into a webpage or blog.  For more information please go to:


Keep Your Projector Clean

Call Century to schedule a Preventative Maintenance cleaning at least annually to avoid the costly and damaging build-up of dirt and resulting heat. These elements can damage your projector over time and shorten lamp life. A small investment once a year to clean an item will pay dividends in prolonging the useful life of your equipment and put value back in your warranty. Century Audio Visual will provide a complete record of service performed and a recommended follow up procedure based on system usage factors.


Be Tech Savvy


Do you have a presentation technology question and can't find an answer?  Or, would you like clarification on a technical subject?  Send your question or suggestion to Century Audio Visual.  We would be happy to assist in any way possible.

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