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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #28

Century AV - Thursday, September 01, 2011

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Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #28 September, 2011



Protect Your Flat Screen Display Investment


I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying…”Don’t Shoot the Messenger”!  Have you considered Protecting the Messenger?  If you are displaying your message on a flat screen monitor…What are you doing to protect the screen from weather, dust, damage or even vandalism?  Consider protecting your investment with a cover or enclosure.  These products are strong & light and are available in a variety of sizes & styles for indoor and outdoor use.  Enclosures protect against vandalism, while a fan with filter ensures clean, cool, operation. They are available with a heater option which enables outdoor weather applications.  The space within the housing provides extra room for interface devices such as Digital Signage Media Players.


Webroot Window Washer & Other Privacy Programs


To ensure a seamless presentation it is important that your equipment is running at its best.  That means keeping your source medium, generally your laptop, running optimally.  Privacy programs permanently remove all traces of web browsing history & other personal information files saved.  Webroot Window Washer appears to be very popular but there are many other programs out there.  Here are a couple of helpful links to get you started; (great for informational purposes…US funds)  & (free internet Window Washer 2.9)

New Flat Screen Monitors Ready for Rental

In many presentation applications, the distance required between a projector and the screen creates a challenge; such as in trade show booths.  Century AV is pleased to announce that we have updated our supply of Rental Monitors.  Available units include 24” LCD’s for use as a speaker’s preview monitor to avoid making backward glances at the room’s large screen, or any other small screen application.  Mid-range units accommodate situations that need to be “right sized”.  Much larger, 50” screens are available as well on table bases or optional floor stands.  Check out our webpage at for more rental information.


Be Tech Savvy


Do you have a presentation technology question and can't find an answer?  Would you like clarification on a technical subject?  Send your question or suggestion to Century Audio Visual.  We would be happy to assist in any way possible.


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