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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #29

Century AV - Saturday, October 01, 2011

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Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #29 October, 2011



Portable Solid State LED Projectors Are Here

The most expensive part of projector maintenance these days is lamp replacement.  What if there were projectors out there with a lamp that could virtually outlast the projector itself?  With a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours to boot!  There is now!  Units like the NEC L50W - 500 lumen - Mobile Projector are small, lightweight and use a solid state LED light source instead of a traditional mercury lamp.  Which means it runs cooler, allowing quick start up and shutdown and you don’t need to replace you light source nearly as often, if ever.  Saves energy, dollars, and it allows you to start your presentation quicker.  Images can easily be viewed in most small screen applications with mobile projectors that provide multimedia functionality for on-the-go, environmentally conscious users with the tools they need.  Ask Century AV for more details or check out our New & Improved website at .  

Analog Sunset – The End Of RCA & VGA Jacks Is At Hand

The Sunset Period is from 2011 to 2013 at which time protected Blu-ray content will not work with Analog connections.  During the sunset period, HD content protected under the Advanced Access Content System (AACS), such as Blu-ray will only play in Standard Definition (SD) through Analog outputs, such as RCA and VGA jacks.  The industry is moving farther towards digital output, such as HDMI, which includes HDCP copy protection to deter pirating.  This applies to Blu-ray players in showrooms and home theaters, as well as software that might serve digital signage and other applications.  Put simply, AACS licensed manufacturers must eliminate analog outputs on consumer electronic devices by 2013.  Make sure to talk to your Century AV representative about the switch to Digital to help ensure a seamless transition to this emerging technology.

Century Can Route Your AV Over Your Network

Information Management requires commercial space to have structured cat5/cat6 wiring throughout the building. New A/V technology allows the transmission of audio, video, control, and other types of signals through that existing network infrastructure. Most of these signals are able to go anywhere from 150-750ft! Contact Century AV now at to see how we can help you with your A/V infrastructure.

Be Tech Savvy

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