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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #32

Century AV - Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Keep yourself updated; Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual


Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #32 – February 1st, 2012


Samsung to Invest $6.1 Billion in OLED Research & Development in 2012!

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) televisions may one day be flexible, cardboard thin and large enough to cover a 9’ X 9’ wall.  Samsung Group says it is raising its total 2012 investment to a record $41.4 billion.  Analysts expect the investment in OLED technology alone to rise to $6.1 billion from last year's $4.3 billion, mainly to boost capacity.  Samsung Mobile Display is currently set to become dominant in OLED TV screens to replace LCD.  OLED display revenues are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2018 to account for 16% of the total display industry market, up from the current 4%, according to research firm Display Search.  OLED technology differs from LCD in that there is no additional light source needed to energize the individual organic tri color compounds. They use considerably less power and can be manufactured with an extremely thin profile.  OLED is the clear leader in black levels, contrast, better screen viewing at angles, fast moving video playback and the colour will be richer and more realistic.  Imagine the quality of your smart phone on a big screen!

And the Winner of the Cisco Ultra HD Flip Camera Is…. Barb Geisel

Well, all the entries are in.  Century AV is pleased to announce that “winners name” is the lucky winner of the Cisco Ultra HD Flip Camera.  Thanks to all those who entered the contest!   Bookmark our new website at for future reference.  Then follow the link to our Facebook page.  Click the “Like” button and you’ll get all the updates.  You’ll also see completed product installations and installations in progress so you can see some of the varied applications for our services. 

Choose CENTURY AV for Your Upcoming On or Off-Site Rental Event

Century AV can provide your rental audio visual equipment at any facility.  Although the “in house” contracted services may be available at off-site facilities, it may not be the most cost effective strategy.  You owe it to yourself to compare our value proposition.  Book the venue & call Century Audio Visual! We’ll show you how to save money and exceed your expectations with our personal service.  If you regularly schedule meetings and events, consider using your space on-site, such as the cafeteria, open office space or the warehouse. Century can help you determine if it would be viable & more cost effective to have your function on-site.  Don’t forget to consider cost of rental space, travel, catering, etc. while off-site.  Follow for our AV rental schedule.  You might be surprised at how cost effective it is to rent the AV equipment, chairs, carpets, plants and/or drapes to hide areas.  Now you can choose your own catering.  With the money you save by having your event on-site, you might want to consider installing your AV equipment over time; thereby saving even more on future events.  Contact Century at  for great personal service and attention to every detail.

Be Tech Savvy

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