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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #33

Century AV - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #33 – February 15th, 2012  

Welcome to the Next Generation of Projectors!

Century AV introduced you to mercury free LED projectors in issue #29 last October. Now we are introducing LED projectors with up to 4000 lumen lamp power! Because this new technology is mercury free, you can boost your companies green credentials and help meet corporate environmental targets. With a life time of up to 20,000 hours, this light source gives you up to 10,000 two-hour presentations without an expensive lamp replacement, and minimal power consumption will lower your energy costs! You can now achieve brilliant colour reproduction, high light output, even in daylight, with an environmentally friendly, cost effective unit. Through the development of this innovative new lighting technology, it’s now possible to combine all three attributes into a single projector. Economical, ecological and high brightness! Truly a match made in AV heaven!!

AV Tips to Help Organize Your Next Meeting or Event!

When planning any meeting or event, audio visual equipment and services must be a high priority to ensure your gathering is both compelling and engaging for your audience! Much of this will depend on the presenter and the content of the program. Professional sound, visuals and lighting will play a very important part in the overall delivery and how memorable your event will be! Audio Visual equipment can range from something as simple as a flip chart to a highly technical video conference or presentation. Your very first step, even before booking the venue, should be to contact Century AV for assistance.  Our techs will help to ensure the layout of the space is compatible for AV set up and function and has the high speed internet capabilities to deliver your product, for example, video conferencing will have a clear crisp image with no lag time or distortion!  Century AV is in the process of creating a helpful planning guide to assist you in all stages leading up to the event. We’ll share it with our readers in the next issue of Be Tech Savvy! 

It’s Time to Consider Updating Your Current AV System!

Have you had a really good look at the Audio Visual system in your meeting area lately? Is your current system cost effective? Is it set up for sound or the speed that is required to view videos or a live streaming of an event? Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every day and the computer has grown into a multi-dimensional presentation tool. Simple enhancements will create more effective room use for workshops, video conference calls and training such as WHMIS. Low cost upgrades include amplified in-ceiling speakers, in-table cable management and automated or wall mounted control panels for source switching between the in-room computer or a portable computer. And with the addition of sound, it makes sense to have an easy to use, efficient and low cost control system to replace inactive or lost remotes for projector on/off and screen / volume up/down!

Be Tech Savvy

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