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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #37

Century AV - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #37 – May 1st, 2012  

Large LCD Screens vs. Projectors?  Are We At Another “AV Crossroads”?

The projector has long been the mainstay imaging device for meeting rooms. Flat screens have had applications in smaller meeting rooms; however, detailed activities such as spreadsheet analysis have been a challenge to view. As larger screens become more of a mainstream product, the cost difference between them and projectors has narrowed. Historically, meeting room imaging devices have changed as the economies of scale influence the ever decreasing cost of technology. Projectors typically require ceiling installation which requires specialized structural mounting, power & cabling methods, and varying installation costs due to factors such as drywall ceilings. Using an 80” LED LCD screen as an example, you can now justify the purchase, including installation, as a cost effective alternative to the projector. Proven benefits of the LCD screen include its’ life span and ease of installation. Also, consider the time and money saved by not having to replace projector lamps anymore! The built-in speakers in an LCD screen function well in a smaller room. In larger rooms though, the sound may seem distant and not room filling. As in a room installed with a projector, it is always advisable to install ceiling speakers to ensure the even distribution of sound throughout the room.

New to the Century AV Website:    AV Rental Quote Request Form

We are privileged to receive Rental AV requests from both new and repeat clients every day. Sometimes an incoming email message might just simply state, “Please quote me on a PA for my meeting”. Our first response is more to gather information specific to the event in order to quote it correctly. Now, in an effort to simplify this process and help ensure that no detail is overlooked, Century Audio Visual has created the “AV Rental Quote Request Form”. This tool will help itemize the equipment required to make your event a complete success!  It will also assist Century Audio Visual in providing you with an accurate quote more efficiently. We’ll still review the finer details one on one with you, but with fewer email exchanges to determine every detail required. Follow the link below to check out this helpful, time saving on line form!

Document Camera’s – As Simple as ABC!

The effective uses of a Document Camera are endless. The video from this device enables large Audiences (“A”) to view the miniscule aspects of an object on a large screen projection system. And it’s very easy to use! Presentations designed to explain the functional intricacies of a heart pump, the technical adjustments to a metering device or teaching the procedures of dental rejuvenation, are all processes that would Benefit (“B”) from the use of a Document Camera. Century Audio Visual rents these devices and also installs them in permanent presentation environments. Check with Century Audio Visual today and explore how this small camera could benefit your Communications. (“C”).

Be Tech Savvy

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