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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #44

Century AV - Monday, April 01, 2013

Keep yourself updated. Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #44 – April 1, 2013


4K and OLED TV screens are the ‘newer’ displays being talked about among the technically savvy. If you have seen an OLED or 4K set in action, you will probably want one.  OLED, a display technology, and 4K Ultra HD, a display resolution, produce a better looking picture than you'll see on any of today's 1080p plasma or LCD sets.  On an OLED HDTV, colors pop like nothing you've seen before against a blacker than black background. You also get ultra-wide viewing angles. The display's fast response rate makes fast motion look fluid on the screen and 3D content looks amazing. The screens don't need a backlighting system, so they're the thinnest HDTV's on the planet.  A 4K TV's strength is simple sharpness. There are two times as many pixels packed into the display as there are on a 1080p set.  This quantity of pixels allows you to see more granular detail than you can on a 1080p HDTV. 4K and OLED sets, though costly, will significantly enhance your viewing experience.  Call or email us today to get details on products hitting the market throughout 2013.  Let us help you create inventive display solutions that will rock your world!


Technology is essential to enhancing the way our daily business is conducted.  We were thrilled to recently use a live feed from our Facebook page, sharing visual details with a new client on an installation completed just moments before.  We can help you increase efficiency, streamline your business process and continue to impress your clients by installing video conferencing.  Video conferencing enables collaboration between you, your team and your clients, from multiple locations, at a fraction of travel costs. It also helps to reduce your carbon footprint, which is becoming more and more important to business owners large and small.  Video conferencing is rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication.  Call Century AV for more information on how video conferencing can benefit you and enhance your meeting facilities!


Staying on task and exceeding your AV expectations is our mission critical.  Tim, a true facilitator of the AV project planning process, clearly emulates our vision of stellar customer service.  With a laser-like focus on your project needs, he combines a sharp eye for potential with the wisdom of a realist.  Tim is tenacious about communicating the absolute truth to you, our valued clients.  Smart enough to know what YOU are smart enough to know, he speaks your technical language.  Tim partners with you to take your most innovative ideas to that next level of extraordinary.  I trust Tim with my own business.  I am proud to have Tim as part of the team that takes care of yours.      


Visit our website at for information on Sales, Installation, Rental & Staging. Call us at 905-275-6010; the number clients have been calling for Integrated AV Technology for over 30 years. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and other useful information!

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