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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #46

Century AV - Saturday, June 01, 2013

Keep yourself updated. Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #46 – June 1, 2013

AV Interconnects Refined:  MORE news…hot off the Tech Savvy Press!

Remember last month’s article on AV inter-connectability challenges? CAT(x type) wiring, now also an AV mainstay wiring methodology, transmits AV signals in both short and long run installations. Cable end conversions such as baluns or small out-board boxes functioned as the extender method, but introduced an installation dilemma.  What did you do with the power supply, wire and small black boxes sitting in multiple areas of your meeting room?  One day, our AV Tech, Jason, came in with a decora style faceplate-box.  The box had an HDMI port that pulled power from the HDMI source wire.  Converting to a CAT(x) RJ45 connector on the back side, it seamlessly connected to the CAT(x) cable.  This box would change how we handle inter-connectability upgrade issues!   Now, the cable transitions neatly within a wall port faceplate, eliminating the need for outboard boxes! As your needs change or new AV signal transmission types emerge, simply change the type of faceplate converter/extender at each end of the CAT(x) cable. Stick with Century AV.  We keep a laser-like focus on future proofing your AV technology. 


We want your AV system to contribute to your overall success as a company.  The best way to ensure you are fully operational is to keep your system functional and reliable.  Let us collaborate with you before a problem occurs.  Call us today to learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, featuring a scheduled cleaning and basic service program.  In addition, keep reading “Be Tech Savvy”.  We keep this tool chock-full of effective tidbits of information that may just help you in a pinch!  

tECHniCAL STAFF AND SUPPORT at Century AV:  rui palmela

At Century AV, we value honesty and innovation in solutions that truly reflect your precise requirements.   Rui Palmela truly demonstrates these values.  Rui is a genuine motivator, calmly troubleshooting challenges, keeping the team focused and on schedule.  He is not only technologically astute; he is skilled in the construction and fabrication side of our business.  His candor in providing feedback from the client perspective and his technical acumen directly contribute to our ever-evolving expertise as an AV service provider.  Rui and all of the Century AV team deeply appreciate the importance of our client service relationships.  WE ARE PROUD to HAVE BEEN NOMINATED AGAIN THIS YEAR, BY THE READERS OF THE MISSISSAUGA BUSINESS TIMES, AS A TOP PERFORMER FOR AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES!  We hope to be worthy of your votes to maintain our status at the coveted Platinum spot! Please click on the Mississauga Business Times link below and vote for us. Share with co-workers and friends!  Voting started June 1st and ends July 31st @ midnight! Thanks so much for your support!   VOTE THE AV CATEGORY HERE


Visit our website at for information on Sales, Installation, Rental & Staging. Call us at 905-275-6010; the number clients have been calling for Integrated AV Technology for over 30 years. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and other useful information!

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