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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #49

Century AV - Friday, November 01, 2013

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Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #51 – November 1, 2013


History has shown that unexpected tragedy, brought on by either human or natural forces, directly impacts public safety and security.  Mass Notification Systems (MNS) can help protect lives, informing people that an emergency exists and what immediate action they need to take.  As Canada continues to harmonize MNS protocol with that of the U.S., we can expect to see changes to building code requirements for alarm systems in the next year.  What does this mean for Canadian businesses?  A key component to conveying the urgency of an emergency message is clear, concise and consistent communication to those who are at risk.  Impending changes to the code may impact how you plan for your company’s emergency communication systems.  P.A. systems that are not intelligible enough to guide people in an emergency situation may put you, those within your building and your company at risk.  Contact your speech intelligibility experts at Century AV.  TOA Canada, our provider of choice, is a world leader in professional and commercial sound and security product manufacturers.  Utilizing the TOA Canada line of Mass Notification and emergency paging products, we will work with your risk assessment staff to plan proactively for changes in your emergency communication needs. 

Bye-bye, background noise.  Hello, clarity of message!

Many of our clients use their facilities to conduct regular site ‘tours’, promoting various aspects of their businesses.  How can you be certain that the hubbub of your operation does not detract from your client’s visit?  TOA Canada has covered all the bases when it comes to sound and being heard.   Their easy-to-use system for tour groups adds on to any 5000 series portable microphone they sell.  Tour participants can simply clip on the light, portable device and voila!   Bye-bye, background noise.  Hello, clarity of message!  Contact us today! Learn more about how this exciting system can optimize your environment.

got test drive?  rent a tour Guide System today!

See for yourself!  Take one of our tour guide systems for a test drive.  Equipment rental is an economical solution that expands your options and gives you flexibility.  Rent for the occasional event or rent to test the benefit before you invest.  Contact Century Audio Visual today.  We offer tour guide systems to accommodate your needs, for any size event.  We know that the outcome of your meeting, conference or trade show depends upon your presentation.  We are committed to helping put you in the driver’s seat of success. 


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