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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #80

Century AV - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keep yourself updated. Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #80 – April 1, 2016


The video wall is back and it is not what you remember. Gone are the thick seams and high energy costs. The new video wall is sleek with an ultra-thin bezel and near-seamless large screen display. It is ideal for any number of public spaces, including retail stores, train stations, corporate lobbies and airports. LCD panels are vastly improved in terms of content management software, durability, quality and cost to produce. They now include outdoor-rated panels and wall display size is customizable. Even curved tiling is available, such as LG’s Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Display. It features a curved design using slim tiles to form customizable displays that link two, three or four tiles together. Contact Century AV to learn how the effective utilization of video walls can improve your business bottom line.

How to be dialed in: Top Conference Call Tips

Conference calls are still key to effective business collaboration, even though they can feel  confusing or difficult to endure. How can you step up your game and ensure that everyone is truly dialed in? It all comes down to being prepared in advance and considerate to other participants. According to Robert Hosking, Executive Director of OfficeTeam, even though other participants can’t see you, basic meeting rules still apply. To get the most benefit from your meeting, he suggests you make sure you have your dial-in details in advance. Start on time. Make sure background noise is eliminated before you start your call. If you are the host, advise the group before you start on how to use the mute option. Give your full attention to the conversation and be mindful of other participants. If someone starts speaking, allow them to fully finish before you start. Remember, everyone wants to contribute so ensure each person gets to speak. You want to get the most out of these discussions. These tips, according to OfficeTeam, will help you make that happen.                  

Don’t Get Stuck: Make Your Conference Room Multi-User Device Ready

AV infrastructure has evolved over the years to support evolving user device needs. Many businesses still have the infrastructure in place to provide for VGA cables. With newer installations, we started to include HDMI in tandem with VGA, because laptops started to carry both ports. In new room installations, Century Audio Visual deploys the DVI connections now commonly found in new notebooks.  It is increasingly important to have the technology to connect the new and the legacy devices to your AV system. Don’t get stuck! Contact Century Audio Visual today to equip your room for multiple user device needs. From complete AV room rework to simple adapter transitions to technology upgrades, we have your conference room needs covered.


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