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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #45

Century AV - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Keep yourself updated. Be Tech Savvy with a little help from

Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #45 – May 1, 2013

Mobile & Other New Technology:  IS YOUR Conference Room AV Ready?

Inter-connectability points for AV in your conference room are becoming a moving target based on the changing technology of manufacturers.  Smart phones and Ipads have ports on them.  The objective now among 15-20% of our clients is to pull a cable from the table port and plug it, seamlessly, into the mobile device.   Random sharing is rapidly becoming a part of our culture.  Where is the porting on YOUR table to interface with this technology?  As mobile technologies begin to surpass the usage of stationery computers, their technological strength as viable source devices for display use is also increasing.  Add to this new challenge the fact that technology interconnect and transmission technologies continue to change, such as notebooks moving from VGA to HDMI.  Without changing your technology to adapt to the changing transmission to and from your devices, your room can quickly become outdated.


Great minds think alike.  We know that you know the benefits of keeping current with technology.  Embracing mobile devices as content sources is introducing a new variety of problems for professional presenters.  Manufacturers have devised mobile devices with outputs and signal transmission types based on “consumer” or single user interaction with very short cable runs.   How does this impact you?  HDMI signals degrade quickly and fidelity is problematic, even at 30 feet.  The good news is that we can adapt your existing environment to meet your emerging needs.  External boxes can be added to boost or extend HDMI signal strength as well as the range of your HDMI cables.  If your AV integrated room is not HDMI capable, CAT5 (network/internet) cabling is a great solution.  CAT5 is a sustainable option and it can do anything with any signal.   The key is in using a little black box, hidden under the table, which decodes HDMI signals.  The box enables CAT5 transmission and then converts back to the original HDMI connector for continuity.  Down the road, boxes may change, but your wire will remain the same.  Given the staying power of CAT5, your initial investment will be well protected.  

tECHNICAL STAFF AND SUPPORT at Century AV:  danny fraga

At Century Audio Visual, we support a culture of freedom to take risks in innovation and forward thinking. Leaving no stone unturned, Danny has a keen eye for the changing parameters of the business and how they impact our clients’ evolving needs.  Applying the principles of continuous improvement, Danny has a zeal for enhancing our future offering to you, our valued clients.  Variables occur on any project.  Danny has an uncanny ability to turn challenge into innovative solution.  His airtight knowledge of your AV history allows him to unearth areas of future development.  Danny keeps your needs in the foreground, always committed to full collaboration with you, the client.  He mirrors our mission to move your AV infrastructure to that next level of astonishingly AMAZING.   


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