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Century Audio Visual - Be Tech Savvy

Be Tech Savvy #49

Century AV - Sunday, September 01, 2013

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Century Audio Visual 

Audio Visual Technology "News of Interest" #49 – September 1, 2013


In July, 2013 (Be Tech Savvy #47), we featured IP Routed Video technology, or video conferencing that combines long distance transmission of audio AND video, supported by your existing IT network.  Want to see what it looks like?  We couldn’t help but peek into Tim’s work area as he created his latest masterpiece! Check out our latest installation on our Facebook page.  Using VMT105 AV encoders from SVSi, each encoder (and decoder) is equipped with a standard Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network connection.  In the cabinet depicted on Facebook (see IP ROUTED VIDEO), each VMT105 AV encoder or ‘black box’ represents an input source, such as a DVD, cable box, laptop or camera.  As well, each device has multiple GigE connections that allow for easy daisy-chaining.  A single source video stream might be daisy-chained to a large number of displays, easily supporting numerous event and conference rooms, corporate and retail digital signage and sports bar or hospitality content distribution.  Essentially, HD audio and video content, from anywhere to anywhere!  Call us today!  Century AV can help you capitalize on your existing AV installation using IP and traditional IT technology.


Someone once said, “you never learn anything when you are talking”.  We all know meetings have a distinct purpose:  to communicate.  How do we know whether the message we have communicated has been heard?  Let alone understood?  How do we know where our people stand?  Learn and practice active listening.  How do we do this?  Don’t interrupt.  Make and hold eye contact.  Unfold your arms, showing you are open to receiving the message.  Listen to remember AND understand.  Nod periodically to show you are listening.  When the speaker is clearly finished, briefly share what you have heard without injecting your own feelings or thoughts.  Ask if you got it right.  Sound easy?  Try it with a friend.  It’s harder than you think, but well worth it.  It may become your go-to strategy that makes meetings more successful, not only from your perspective, but from the perspective of those who work for and with you.

it is easy being green:  how to extend your av investment

Century Audio Visual always searches for ways to support the AV Industry’s preservation of our planet’s ecological balance. A Projector Preventative Maintenance Program is part of that solution AND protects your investment. We clean projector air filters of dust and any other dust building up in the air and optical paths. Even the smallest amount of dust build up will increase the internal operating temperature, possibly decreasing the lifespan of the expensive projection lamp.  We'll also ensure that your A/V system is functioning as intended. Together, we can help reduce the volume of toxic lamps that enter our disposal system. Contact us today!  Ask for Danny Fraga, who will be pleased to take care of you, your equipment and our environment. 


Visit our website at for information on Sales, Installation, Rental & Staging. Call us at 905-275-6010; the number clients have been calling for Integrated AV Technology for over 30 years. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and other useful information!

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