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Digital Signage Solutions

“According to a new market research report from Global Industry Analysts Inc. the global digital signage market should hit nearly $14 billion by 2017”

There has been a massive growth in the Digital Signage industry in the past few years. With LCD technology getting better, more reliable and not to mention, a lot more affordable, businesses are moving from static signage for their advertising and marketing campaigns to fully immersive and interactive display systems to relay their information to their prospective clients. You can just look at the facts below!

AV System
  • Over 75 % of purchasing decisions are made in store
  • Digital Signage is a proven method of increased sales
  • Impulse purchases doubled
  • People remain in store 5% longer
  • Information retained is 37% more than standard printed material


Century Audio Visual is able to display any type of content, through computer assisted systems, or stand-alone digital media players. Whether it’s a simple display in the front lobby of your office, or a digital signage network spread across multiple locations throughout Canada, we can help you with your signage vision. We are able to create a signage system capable of being remotely managed and updated from any location to create a simple, affordable, and scalable system to meet your ever growing needs. 1080p content is now a must for these systems, and through networking and HDMI technology, this is simple to achieve. We encourage you to contact us with specific questions if you are exploring signage options for your business or facilities. Century AV works with multiple manufacturers to make sure we choose the right solution for our clients as most projects are quite unique. In most cases, Century AV can work off of your existing wired or WiFi network to deliver content directly to display devices!

Protect your investment!

Don’t forget, if your digital sign is being deployed in a high-traffic area, it may be vulnerable to damage or vandalism. Century AV has access to indoor and outdoor environmental enclosures to prevent unwanted tampering, damage, or overheating of your digital signage equipment. These enclosures have enough room to also store your digital media player, to ensure your message never stops being transmitted! These enclosures can include temperature controlled heating and cooling to meet your digital signage placement requirements!


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